Factory Price 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generator Silent Style Diesel Generator

Get a Factory Price on Silent Style Diesel Generators. Buy 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generators direct from the manufacturer. High-quality and reliable power supply.
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Basic Info.

Output Type
AC Three Phase
Conditions of Use
Land Use
Common Units
Landuse Type of Unit
Excitation Mode
AC Rotating Exciter
Rated Power
Overload Power
Fuel Feeding Method
Direct Injection
Transport Package
Wooden Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
5000 Sets / Year

Product Description

Factory price 50/75/150/250/350/500 kw kva generator Silent Style Diesel Generator
  Xuzhou Huayan Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated diesel engine manufacturer specializing in the research and development, production and sales of diesel generator sets, gasoline generator sets and gas generator sets .

  Our factory is located in Weifang, the "power city", with a superior traffic environment and advanced technology. It has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management and other certifications. At present, our products mainly include: Weichai series generator sets, Yuchai series generator sets, Shangchai series generator sets, and many other brands of diesel generator sets. The various series of products produced by our factory have the characteristics of low fuel consumption, large torque, good operation performance, high reliability, and simple maintenance. They are widely used in industry, agriculture, residential life, medical fields, etc .

Characteristic of our diesel generator :
  1. Power range 15-2400KW
  2. low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise, high precision, high dynamic performance, compact structure, long service life
  3. Product emissions can meet Euro III emission standards,Environmentally friendly products .
Factory Price 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generator Silent Style Diesel Generator
Factory Price 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generator Silent Style Diesel Generator
Generator set Model Engine
Air intake method Cylinder No. Cylinder/Stroke mm Fuel consumption L*W*H Weight(Kg)
BC-20GF WP2.3D25E200 Turbocharged 2 89/92 220 1550*630*1150 650
BC-25GF WP2.3D33E200 Normally Aspirated 4 89/92 220 1650*650*1180 700
BC-30GF WP2.3D40E200 Normally Aspirated 4 89/92 216 1800*790*1210 700
BC-40GF WP2.3D48E200 Turbocharged 4 89/92 216 1800*700*1130 820
BC-50GF WP4.1D66E200 Turbocharged 4 105/118 235 1850*790*1200 1000
BC-75GF WP4D100E200 Turbocharged 4 105/130 203 2100*770*1320 1100
BC-80GF WP4D108E200 Turbocharged 4 105/130 205 2100*800*1320 1250
BC-100GF WP6D132E200 Turbocharged 6 105/130 205 2100*700*1320 1250
BC-120GF WP6D152E200 Turbocharged 6 105/130 205 2300*800*1360 1620
BC-150GF WP6D167E200 Turbocharged 6 105/130 201 2400*890*1380 1900
BC-200GF WP10D238E200 Turbocharged 6 126/130 215 2900*890*1510 2100
BC-250GF WP12D317E200 Turbocharged 6 126/155 210 3000*950*1550 2300
BC-300GF WP10D320E200 Turbocharged 6 126/130 210 3050*950*1520 2400
BC-350GF WP13D405E200 Turbocharged 6 127/165 200 3320*1196*1657 2500
BC-400GF 6M26D484E200 Turbocharged 6 150/150 210 3480*1300*1823 4000
BC-450GF 6M33D572E200 Turbocharged 6 150/185 210 3600*1500*1910 4800
BC-500GF 6M33D605E200 Turbocharged 6 150/185 210 3780*1600*2100 5000
BC-550GF 6M33D605E200 Turbocharged 6 150/185 210 3600*1500*1850 5000
BC-600GF 6M33D670E200 Turbocharged 6 150/185 210 3850*1650*2150 5000
BC-650GF 12M26D748E200 Turbocharged 12 150/150 210 4400*1680*2350 7500
BC-700GF 12M26D792E200 Turbocharged 12 150/150 210 4500*1800*2200 7800
BC-800GF 12M26D968E200 Turbocharged 12 150/150 210 4500*1770*2600 8000
BC-900GF 12M33D1108E200 Turbocharged 12 150/185 210 4550*1800*2512 9200
BC-1000GF 12M33D1210E200 Turbocharged 12 150/185 210 5170*2100*2672 9200
KW HWeiYchai Genset Technical Parameters
Generator Model BC-20GF/-1000GF Output Power 20KW-1000KW Steady state Frequency Regulation ≤±1%
Rated Voltage 400/230V Stable Voltage Regulation ≤±1% Transient Frquency Regulation ≤±10%
Rated Current 36A-1800A Transient Voltage regulation ≤±15% Frequency Stabilization Time ≤3S
Rated Frequency 50HZ Voltage Setting Time ≤1S Frequency Fluctuation ≤±0.5%
Weight 650KG-9200KG Voltage Fluctuation ≤±0.5% Size customized
Text power 29kva-1100kva Rated Speed 1500RPM Noise 95dB(A)
Diesel Parameters
Generator Model   Rated Power 20KW-1000KW Overload Power 22KW-1100KW
Cylinders No Two/Four/Six /Twelve Cylinders Speed 1500RPM Starting Model DC24V Electricity
Type Four Stroke Intake Type Normally Aspirated /Rurbo charge Fuel Consumption(g/kw.h) ≤220/216/235/205/200/201/210
Coling Method Closed Cooling Water Lubrication Method Combined pressure and splash Cylinder Diameter/Stroke 89/92mm -150/185mm
Fuel Feeding Method direct injection Speed Regulation Mechanical Speed Governors Engine displacement 2.54L-39.2L
Fuel Type/Fuel Class China 0#(Light diesel oil) Compression Rate 15.5:1 Manufacturer Weichai
Generator Parameters
Generator Model   Rated Voltage 400V/230V
Type All the copper Brushless Electrical Made Three-phase four-wire,neutral ground
Model   Steady state Frequency Regulation ≤±1%
Frequency 50Hz Short circuit protection Air Switch
Insulation Class H Short-time Current 150% 2min
Protection Level IP23 Overload Capacity Overload 10% one hour
Power Factor 0.8(Hysteresis) Power 20KW-1000KW
Rated Rurrent 36A-1800A Adjust Method AVR(automatic voltage regulator)
Exciter Type Brushless Excitation Cooling Method Self-Cooled
Factory Price 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generator Silent Style Diesel Generator Factory Price 50/75/150/250/350/500 Kw kVA Generator Silent Style Diesel Generator
Q1: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: Yes, we offer 12 month years warranty to our products.

Q2: How to select a suitable generator set?
A: According to the actual electricity consumption, plant area to evaluate the required power and number of generator sets, we will recommend the most suitable generator set configuration for you.

Q3. May you print my logo on diesel generator sets product?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on .

Q4. How to proceed an order for diesel generator set?
A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly We provide solution according to your need.
Thirdly customer confirms the detail specs of the order, and arrange pay the deposit.
Fourthly We arrange the production after payment received.

Q5. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
A: Normally by sea shipping .Shipping time depends on distance.

Q6: How to deal with the faulty?
A: during the guarantee period, if some spare parts broken not from human behavior, we can send you related spare parts.or you can choose to order some parts together from generator sets.  we can support online technique support all the time. if you have some technique problem on genset running, we can support professional technique staff go to your place to guide you work it out.

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